Valet Trash

Valet Trash: How it works

Valet Trash for You, a Zenith Hospitality Group Production

Advantages of Valet Trash

Think about it: unless you live right near your community’s dumpster (and who wants to?), lugging trash is super inconvenient. It is even worse if you live on a higher floor. Bags are cumbersome at best and if they break, cleaning up that mess is not something any of us want to do. With Valet Trash, those “magic garbage elves” come right to your door to grab it. This amenity is truly amazing!

How Does this Amenity Work?

Door-to-Door valet trash service is an excellent amenity to add to your property, it is convenient and easy to start up. The service provides doorstep trash and recycling collection five nights a week. Residents put their TIED trash bags in the provided bin and set it outside their doors between 6pm and 8pm. Valets collect the bags and take them to the dumpster starting at 8pm. Residents bring their bins back inside by 9am the next morning. Simple and pain-free.

What is the Step-by-Step Process for Trash Collection

  1. First, professional, clean-cut and uniformed service valets will pick up the trash from outside each residents’ door.
  2. Then trash bags are collected in a shoulder harnessed or wheeled collection container. These containers are drip free.
  3. Trash bags are then taken to the on-site dumpster/compactor and thrown away
  4. Areas around the dumpsters are swept clean of loose trash.
valet trash
Residents place their trash in a leak-proof container provided by Zenith Valet Trash.
trash collection service
Container is placed outside the door at designated hours
valet trash collection service
Uniformed Valet Trash personnel collect the trash and deposit it in the on-site trash containers.

How Does the Recycling Process Work with Valet Trash Service?

  1. Residents place their recycling in TIED “plastic bags” and set them outside their door with the trash.
  2. Valet’s take the recycling bags to the on-site recycling bins.
  3. If the community does not have recycling bins we will supply them.

Here’s a rundown of the benefits:

  • No need to carry trash up/down stairs, on elevators or down hallways
  • No trash chutes or designated areas where garbage piles up
  • Services usually gets included in rent
  • Valet waste collection is available to all residents
  • Contributes to a cleaner apartment community that everyone can enjoy
  • More efficient for property management
  • Regular schedule makes trash collection predictable and convenient
  • Supports recycling and sorting of waste
  • Deters potential snooping through tenant garbage
  • Service valets offer helping hand and extra security on apartment premises during the night


  • Your asset value increases by adding Valet Trash, and its commensurate revenue stream.
  • Average property value increases $750k – $1.2M based on a Cap Rate of 6-8%.
  • Our doorstep waste systems enhance property marketability.


  • Phase-in pricing delivers positive cash flow from the inception of service — it’s impossible to provide services more affordably and effectively.
  • Existing residents are not billed until their renewal.
  • Zenith Hospitality Valet Trash waste services help secure higher market rents.
  • Multiply NOI at Lease-Per-Bed collegiate apartments.
  • Zenith Hospitality’s Doorstep Valet Trash Programs can initiate at any time of the year with NO Start-Up Costs!
  • Zenith will work with you to find the best pricing structure for your needs.