Marissa Alston, City Manager

“The only thing you can not get back in life is time. You’ll either look back and say “I did it!” or you’ll be wishing you did. ”

Marissa was born and raised in Milwaukee, WI as the youngest child of 7. Marissa is the only child to not take the engineering/warehouse route but to go hospitality instead. Marissa grew up wanting to be a poet, teacher or lawyer but ended up falling in love with being a bartender at the mere age of 18. During the course of her bartending phase, Marissa attended college and received her science degree in hopes of becoming a doctor. After different phases of life happened, Marissa redirected her energy into becoming an even better mixologist and even pursued a trucking career.   Marissa is currently the Milwaukee City Hospitality Manager for Zenith. She enjoys meeting and greeting new people and welcoming them into becoming partners with Zenith. When Marissa has the spare time, she loves traveling, eating and going on dates with her children.